What is a Maintenance Plan?
Maintenance Plan is a program that we recommend you to take after your 2-year Ortho K program agreement ends. This a one-year Maintenance Plan that combines eye tests, retinal examination, and lens check-ups (unlimited, minimum of 4 per year).

What is included in the Maintenance Plan?
– One annual eye exam, including computerized retinal examination and glaucoma testing
– Ortho-K lens checks, including one during the eye health examination
– Free standard home delivery of your Ortho-K lenses

Should I renew my Maintenance Plan?
Dr. Cho strongly encourages the maintenance plan. But if for some reason you decide not to renew, our office will be charging a fee per office visit.

How can I renew my Maintenance Plan?
Please send us an email at orthokspecialty.visioncare@gmail.com or call our office at (646) 798 7140. Our staff will coordinate with you directly.